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Supporting your skills development for self-care and well-being

The energy of relating is the precursor to the quality of your life.

Uncover unconsciously imposed perceptions of what is happening in your life
Overcome habitual patterns experienced as blocks in your relational experience
The path to well-being is by greeting your body with the language of relational fluency.
Learn to interpret and regulate the subtle signals of your body
Experience well-being through compassionate and fluent relational-language
Increase self-fluency via the energy of self-compassion and relational-language

Relationship is your experience of life

Relational OnFluency Approach

The makeup of your life is a series of relational experiences. By learning to connect attentively with our experiences and the nuanced structures that underlie, we become self-empowered in approaching relational change work.  Two inspiring principles from Relational Neuroscience inform the OnFluency approach: 

  • Safe and responsive relationships support the developmental healing processes of the embodied brain, promoting health and well-being.
  • Our brain’s ability to change in response to experience (neuroplasticity) is easier than we ever imagined. 

OnFluency models a compassionate, empathetic presence to support you in developing relational fluency,  understanding and relating with resonance to yourself and other people, moving you towards well-being

Management of emotions; Stress management; Anger management; Low mood; Low self-esteem; 

Coping with chronic illness; Pain management; Grief and loss

Self-development; Lifestyle changes; Performance issues; Feeling blocked to productivity; Food cravings; Smoking cessation;

Trauma; Relationship issues; Insomnia; Relaxation;

You may simply be aware that you want change; to break away from limiting behaviours, habits and repeating patterns.

At OnFluency, Fluency for Feelings is at the core of everything we do. When untrained in reading your feelings and responding to them appropriately, your relationship to feelings might be an energy of fear that impacts your physiology and subsequently your health; Your ability to take care of yourself is limited. Self-care is essential for experiencing the energy of well-being and key to self-care is our relationship to feelings. We work with you to improve your relational energy via emotional literacy and fluency. The result is an ability to ‘read’ and relate to feelings in more beneficial ways, taking constructive action. You can read more about the OnFluency’s mission here. 

In addition to Fluency for Feelings, the OnFluency approach incorporates a spectrum of healing modalities and techniques. Key principles from HypnotherapyNeuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique support unconscious explorations. These techniques are applied after establishing an energy of mindfulness, the key self-care skill for increasing awareness and understanding of the relationship to one’s experience and the world around them. Learning and exploration of self-care skills takes place in the safe, relational space OnFluency provides, as we believe the therapeutic relationship itself is the greatest coach.

Any person interested in developing skills for self-care and well-being are suited for OnFluency. Each client is unique; each session is unique. There may be specific issues and experiences you wish to explore; you may have an awareness of being stuck, boxed-in by history, constrained by limiting beliefs. Or you may simply be open to exploring your possibilities and potential, to gain a sense of courage and purpose from your unrealized inner resources.

We can work in-person or via Zoom.

How it works?

OnFluency Process

It all starts with a single first step.

The OnFluency facilitation process is tailored entirely to the individual. Following a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation [via Zoom] to gain a sense of what our work may comprise in order to reach your well-being goals, each subsequent session will evolve at a pace commensurate with individual need. Fluency for Feelings is the core foundational skill taught. Session may include applied therapeutic processes and/or teaching of techniques to further facilitate you quality of life.

Ready to start?

Contact us to schedule a FREE Discovery Call and find out how we can help you.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Schedule a FREE 1:1 Discovery Call
During our initial free, no obligation, call [via Zoom] we will briefly discuss your aims and desired outcome, gaining a sense of what our work may comprise in order to reach your well-being goals. Each subsequent session will evolve at a pace commensurate with individual need.

Subsequently complete Client Form & Contract prior to first session.

Select a Session Plan
A session will be either 60 minutes or 90 minutes in duration, entirely at the behest of the client at the beginning of all our work/each individual session and will be invoiced individually.

Or you can choose to pay in advance for the 6-Session Package. [Details below]

Regular Reviews
As our sessions evolve there will be ongoing, regular reviews derived from the initial desired outcome to ensure we remain on course to achieve your goals.

Flexibility and responsiveness is the absolute cornerstone to this work.

Transformation Complete!
Therapy is an amazing process that is as varied as there are people. Often, clients will know when they are resourced and resilient and choose to end therapy. One might also notice a change in energy, become aware, and have built the essential skills for self-care and well-being.

Supporting your development of skills necessary for self-care and well-being

The Skill-Building Toolkit

If you worked with a hypnotherapist, they would hypnotize you – that’s what they do; you have to fit their model. However, with the Therapeutic Coaching model, we are in possession of The Toolkit, which means I get to know you as an individual, and I can pick a process to fit you, rather than the other way round; it also grants us the flexibility to adapt methodology to each client’s needs as we go along, too..


Heal the past so you can create your future and enjoy life in the present. The Therapeutic approach is based on sound principles of psychology.

Life Coaching

Identify how you feel about certain areas of your life, discover your authentic values, and create a plan for dissolving blocks and realizing your values and aims.


Learn to develop the skill of calming your body’s nervous system and your mind, cultivating an invaluable awareness practice around the power of being in the present.   


NLP draws on Behavioral Psychology, Hypnosis, Gestalt- and Family therapy. Develop your skill of understanding, adapting or enhancing patterns of thinking, behaviors and feelings-states.


Modern psychology combines with ancient traditional energy meridians in a powerful, yet gentle form of somatic ‘tapping’ therapy. Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy psychology.


Permissive, collaborative and empathetic form of therapy where the client is in control, able to access the imaginative and creative resources of the unconscious. Powerful yet driven by ethics and care.

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OnFluency Facilitators Nikki Metzler and Mandy Wee, On Fluency
What is


Where we place our attention is where our energy goes. When we look outside of ourselves instead of inside of ourselves, we are looking for reasons to change and to regulate heavy feeling states. The energy of relating is, therefore, the precursor to the quality of our life. 

At OnFluency, we believe that people are limitless human beings that sometimes feel confined in life by their relationship with their psychology and feeling states. By exploring the energy of relationship we have to ourselves, others, and our environment, we can dissolve the unconscious patterns which express themselves as blocks in life. OnFluency provides a space of possibility, a safe place to experience relativity, so people might find freedom from these energetic constraints. By experiencing fluency in relational therapeutic space, people find more relative fluency in the quality of their life. Working both therapeutically and in a solution-focused way, we help people change patterned ways of thinking and patterned ways of being to support more freedom and relaxation in life.


What People say


Ryan Murphy


“It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors.”


Jassica French

Health Coaching

“It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors.”


Sam Smith

Health Coaching

“It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors.”


Jason Burner


“It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors.”


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, referred to as NLP, is a model about patterns of behavior, thoughts, and experiences. NLP facilitates improving your experience by mapping how you travel from where you are now to where you want to be. As the name suggests, it is about how your neurology (or brain) is programmed to the way you use language when you think, talk, and feel. Neuroscience shows how this can be reprogrammed and that you can change the way you think, talk, and feel. NLP draws on Behavioral Psychology, Hypnosis, Gestalt- and Family therapy.

Read research about the benefits of using NLP for health support here.

Body-Mind-Relationship Coaching

We follow a bespoke plan designed for developing the skills necessary for self-care of your body, mind and relational fluency. We skillfully and gently explore your current experience to detect the architecture of the primary patterns and issues occurring for you. Your self-fluency will grow as you gain new insights and understanding of yourself as you learn and absorb practical strategies to help you be empowered and more in control of your feeling-states. You will learn how to ‘read’ and respond to your physical and emotional symptoms fluently as you realize your capacity to change and attune using your self-care skills. We use a range of techniques , including our core teaching: Fluency for Feelings.


Meditation and mindfulness are practices that focus on increasing your awareness and deepening your understanding of your experience and the world around you. Developing the skill of observing and witnessing your own experience gives you essential access to how you function in your everyday life. This gives you information to what needs changing in order to feel better.

Read research about how meditation is considered integral to health improvement and good health here.

Clinical Hynpnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, uses methods where you gently close your eyes to more easily access your subconscious with the help of your practitioner. Closed eye protocols help you use your own imagination and knowledge to feel better. This method can help release past trauma and change unhelpful habits. It is invaluable to reduce experiences such as stress (including PTSD) and address symptoms like IBS and pain.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique, often referred to as EFT, is a method of bringing together the Chinese meridian/energy-lines system used in acupuncture with western psychology. Instead of stimulating the meridian points with needles, with EFT you tap on the meridian points with your own fingertips whilst talking about what’s going on. It’s like tuning together two instruments, your brain and your body, to bring your whole system into balance. EFT is a field within Energy Psychology.

Read research about the benefits of using EFT for health support here.